Cat Scratcher Bed

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Cat’s nature is lazy and free, they usually stay in a place for very long time and do not move, this scratcher sofa is an ideal place, big enough, considerate back rest design, arm rest in both sides, imagine your cat lie on this sofa spend its free time and waiting you back home... FURNITURE PROTECT Made of good quality corrugated cardboard, one of the best material for cat scratch and exercise its paws, as a scratcher, this product protect your furniture and doors, help your cats more well-behaved. MAT/SHEET The cat scratcher include a Textured Cat Scratcher mat,It's specially prepared for summer. Cool summer with sisal mat. Make the cat more comfortable! MATERIAL SAFETY Cat scratcher couch made of good quality corrugated cardboard,non-toxic glue, no bad smell, 100% recyclable BIG ENOUGH Cat scratcher lounge Length:23.23 inch, Width: 11.42inch, Height: 11.42inch, The size is big enough for normal cats, rest, sleep, roll, scratch...