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UFO Interactive Cat Toy



All The Benefits:

✅Use feathers to play games with cats.
✅The feather telescopic speed is adjustable in three gears,allowing the pet to adapt slowly.
✅lt can move randomly, and turn automatically whenencountering obstacles and will not be stuck.
✅The bottom cleaning ring automatically takes away the hairwhen activated.
✅Aurora colorful mode, change the light, look pretty and cool.Feathers appear randomly to attract cats' attention.
USB Charging, Build a 500mAh capacity battery which can ensure continuous use of several hours when be fully charged for 1 hour.

Different colors correspond to different modes
🟠Orange: Press the power button to start automatically, and it will automatically turn off after five minutes, as long as you can continue the activity after the vibration.

🔵Blue: lntelligent recognition of day and night. It only operates during the day. After five minutes of operation, it will automatically sleep if there is no cat slapping.

🟣Purple: stop activity, all feathers are extended, and feather accessories can be replaced at this time.


USB Charging



  • Charging Method: USB Charging
  • Weight: 489g
  • Size: Diameter 15.6x9.2cm/6.14x3.62inch
  • Material: ABS + electronic components
  • Cat Accessories: Smart Feather Stick
  • Battery: Polymer Lithium-Ion Battery 500mAh


Package Contents

UFO Toy x 1
USB Cable x 1
Cotton Ring x 5
Feather Attachment x 3
Tweezer x 1
When the interior light or indoor light become dark, the toy might stop working owing to the build-in radial sensor, which will sense the strength of the radial.

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